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Tire flaps DongAh Korea KR Malaysia 750x16 700x15

Tire Flaps

We have wide range of flaps selection from 500x8" size to 26.5x25". Make from high quality malaysia natural rubber,flexible butyl rubber with mixed compound.

We do export our flaps to oversea, contact us if you are interested in Malaysia tire rim flaps

Brand: KR | ERP | DongAh Flaps

HeungAh By Nexen Korea Tire Tube Hyosung Malaysia Butyl Tube

Tire Inner Tubes

We work closely with our local manufacture and oversea suppliers for a complete range of tire inner tubes. We have more than 90 sizes of ready stock inner tubes for your vehicle application.

If you are not able to find the tubes from our inventory list, do not hesitate to contact us for indent orders service.

Brand: E.R.P | Hyosung | DongAh | HeungAh | Nexen

Consostar OTR & Silverstone Viking light truck tires

Light Truck & Truck Tires

Since 2007, with objective to produce “value for money”, namely superior quality products at highly competitive prices. Consostar have become well know brand name in Malaysia light truck & agricultural tires manufacturing beside Silverstone

Available light truck size: 670-15, 700-15, 700-16, 750-15, 750-16, 700R16, 825-20

Brand: ERP | Consostar | Silverstone | Viking | Dunlop

Consostar Off the Road tires

Agricultural & OTR Tires

With the huge capital investment in product development & reseach facilities. ERP has become the biggest manufacturer in Malaysia for AG (Agricultural) & OTR (Off-the-road) tires.

Available AG tire size: 6-14, 8-16, 7-16, 900-16, 285/85-16, 11L-16, 8.3-20, 8.3-22, 12.4-24, 19.5L-24, 16.9/14-24, 16.9/14-28, 16.9/14-30

Brand: Consostar

ATG Alliance Galaxy Primex India OTR Tires


A fully owned subsidiary of The Yokohama Rubber Company,Japan - Alliance Tire Group (ATG) specializes in development,manufacturing and sale of Off-Highway Tires. ATG offerings a wide range of Agricultural, Forestry, Industrial and Material Handling tires under the brand names – Alliance, Galaxy and Primex.


Construction & Industrial tires

Construction & Industrial Tires

Browse our selection table for Maxam, Top Trust and Lande (Armour) construction & industrial tires for skid steer, backhoe tractors, grader, excavator, industrial forklift solid tires, forklift pneumatic tires and ground support equipment tires..

Brand: Maxam | Top Trust | Lande (Armour)

OTR Radial Tires

OTR Radial Tires

Radial tyres were developed in 1946 by Michelin.The flexibility of a Radial tyre, together with its strength, are two combined factors which mean a radial tractor tyre absorbs impact shock and bumps more effectively than a crossply tyre.

Build for better fuel consumption

Brand: Maxam | Sailun

Truck Radial Tires

Truck Radial Tires

Sailun’s premium steer tires, drive position tires and all position tires series built with special design for excellent stability and traction under all weather conditions. Unique tread wall grooves help reduce irregular wear and improve traction in all conditions and allow the tire to run cool to provide a longer tread life.

Brand: Sailun

MRL Tires Made in India

MRL Tires - Made in India

MRL Tyres (formerly known as Malhotra Rubbers Ltd.) belongs to the Malhotra Group of Industries, founded in 1954 by Late Shri C.L. Malhotra.

Available size 16/6.5-8, 750-15, 600-16, 900-16, 12.5/70-16, 11L16. 15.5/60-18, 8.3-20, 8.3-22, 14.9-26, 16.9-26. 13.6-36, 175/65-20 and 800/65R32.

Brand: MRL (India)

NDR - Vietnam Premium Tractor Tyres

NDR - Vietnam Premium Tractor Tyres

NDR (Nguyen Dinh Company Ltd.) is a leading tractor tire manufacturers in Vietnam that offers good quality with reasoanable price and a large range of products

With their new rubber compound ( NDR New Flex) they able to improves the abrasion resistance with excellent flexibility. Its helps to reduce groove crack and offer better ride comfort to protect tractor parts.

Brand: NDR (Vietnam)

Nam Bee Pro-Miller-European-Technology-Solid-tires

Solid Tires

Pro-Miller Solid Tires are manufactured using the latest generation of cylindrical radial matrices consisting of six segments with European technology production equipment, process and technology.

Professionally Engineered For Maximum Mileage

Brand: Pro-Miler

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