Tire Tubes

HeungAh, Nexen, DongAh, Hyosung, ERP

Tire Tubes Made in Korea - Heung Ah, DongAh, Nexen

Brand    :  HeungAh, DongAh, Nexen
Product :  Made In Korea

Natural Rubber Tire Inner Tubes - ERP

Brand    :  ERP
Product :  Made In Malaysia

Butyl Rubber Tire Inner Tubes - Hyosung

Brand    :  HYOSUNG
Product :  Made In Malaysia

Tire Inner tubes are torus-shaped ballons made from an impermeable materials such as soft, elastic synthetic rubber, to prevent air leakage. The inner tubes are inserted into the tire and inflated to retain air pressure.

We have more than 90 sizes of ready stock inner tubes for your vehicle application. The size are covered from PC (Passager Car), LT (Light Truck), TB (Truck & Bus), AG (Agriculture), OTR (Off-the-road) and Industrial Tires. Vehicle cover from Passager Car, Jeep, Van and Commercial Van, Light Trucks, Highway Trucks and Buses, Industrial & OTR machinery equipment such as backhoe loader, skid steer, compact wheel loader, multiuse radial, earthmover-loader-grader. excavator, telehandler, compactor, mobile crane, industrial seaport/airport application, forklift, tractor and Agriculture tubes for tractor, combine harvester, manure spreader tanker, row crop, lawn & turf implement, flotation and forestry.

Valve type selection from JS2, TR13, TR75, TR75A, TR87, TR177, TR175A, TR78A, TR179, TR218A, TRJ1175 and TR4000.

Korea Imported Tire Butyl Inner Tubes

Brand: HeungAh, DongAh, Nexen

We have more than 90 sizes of ready stock inner tubes for your vehicle application. If you are not able to find the tubes from our inventory list, do not hesitate to contact us for indent orders service.

Technical parameter :

Size Valve Packing Type**
400-8L TR87 40pcs/Box
500-10L TR87 40pcs/Box
500-8 JS2 35pcs/Box
600-9 JS2 30pcs/Box
650-10 JS2 30pcs/Box
520-12 TR13 40pcs/Box
700-12 TR75A 22pcs/Box
560-13 TR13 35pcs/Box
590-14 TR13 30pcs/Box
640-14 TR13 28pcs/Box
550-15 JS2 30pcs/Box
815-15 (28x9-15) TR77A 14pcs/Box
825-15 TR77A 12pcs/Box
300-15 (315/70-15) TR177A 10pcs/Box
670-15 TR13 22pcs/Box
670/700-15 TR75A 20pcs/Box
700/750-15 TR13 20pcs/Box
700/750-15 TR75A 18pcs/Box
650-16 TR13 20pcs/Box
650-16 TR75A 20pcs/Box
750-16 TR13 18pcs/Box
700/750-16 TR177A 16pcs/Box
750-16 TR177A 16pcs/Box
900-16 TR13 12pcs/Box
900-16 TR15/TR75A 12pcs/Box
11L-16 TR15 14pcs/Box
12.4-16 TR218A 8pcs/Box
12-16.5 TR15 8pcs/Box
14-17.5 TR15 8pcs/Box
8-18 TR13 14pcs/Box
10.5-18 TR15 10pcs/Box
12.5-18 TR15 8pcs/Box
15-19.5 TR15 6pcs/Box
8.3-20 TR15 10pcs/Box
825-20 TR77A 10pcs/Box
900-20 TR175A 9pcs/Box
1000-20 TR78A 7pcs/Box
1100-20 TR78A 6pcs/Box
1200-20 TR78A 5pcs/Box
11.2-20 TR218A
1400-20 TR179A/218A 4pcs/Box
14/70-20 TR179A/218A
16/70-20 TR15/179A
8.3-22/8-22 TR218A 14pcs/Box
8.3-24 TR218A 10pcs/Box
9.5-24 TR218A 10pcs/Box
11.2-24 TR218A 6pcs/Box
12.4-24 TR218A 6pcs/Box
13.6-24 TR218A 5pcs/Box
1200-24 TR179A 5pcs/Box
1300/1400-24 TR179A/TR218A 4pcs/Box
1400-24 TR179A 4pcs/Box
14.9/13-24 TR218A 5pcs/Box
16.9/14-24 TR218A 4pcs/Box
19.5L-24 TR218A 3pcs/Box
1400-25 TR179A 4pcs/Box
1600-25 TRJ1175C 3pcs/Box
1800-25 TRJ1175C 2pcs/Box
15.5-25 TRJ1175C 4pcs/Box
17.5-25 TRJ1175C 3pcs/Box
20.5-25 TRJ1175C 2pcs/Box
23.5-25 TRJ1175C 2pcs/Box
26.5-25 TRJ1175C 1pcs/Box
29.5-25 TRJ1175C 1pcs/Box
12.4-26 TR218A 6pcs/Box
13.6-26 TR218A 5pcs/Box
14.9-26 TR218A 5pcs/Box
16.9-26 TR218A 3pcs/Box
18.4-26 TR218A 4pcs/Box
23.1-26 TR218A 2pcs/Box
12.4-28 TR218A 5pcs/Box
13.6-28 TR218A 5pcs/Box
14.9-28 TR218A 5pcs/Box
16.9/14-28 TR218A 4pcs/Box
16.9/14-30 TR218A 3pcs/Box
18.4-30 TR218A 3pcs/Box
12.4-32 TR218A 4pcs/Box
1800-33 TRJ4000 1pcs/Box
16.9/14-34 TR218A 3pcs/Box
18.4-34 TR218A 3pcs/Box
12.4/11-36 TR218A 4pcs/Box
13.6-38 TR218A 4pcs/Box
15.5-38 TR218A 3pcs/Box
16.9/14-38 TR218A 3pcs/Box
18.4-38 TR218A 3pcs/Box
20/1000-10 TR13
26/1200-12 TR13
11.5/80-15.3 TR15 12pcs/Box
400/60-15.5 TR13 6pcs/Box

** For reference only. Actual quantity might be different for different brands and valves.

Natural Rubber Automobile Inner Tubes

Brand: ERP

Made in Malaysia with high quality natural rubber. Tubes for airport cargo trailer trucks, light trucks, trucks and buses tire tubes.

Passager car vehicle bias tubes size: 5.20-13,5.50-13,5.60-13,6.00-13(560-13),6.40-14,6.50-14,6.70-14,7.00-14(640-14),6.40-15,6.50-15,6.70-15,7.00-15

Light truck tubes bias and radial tubes size: 7.00-15, 700R15, 7.50-15, 750R15, 7.00-16, 700R16, 7.50-16, 750R16

Truck and bus tubes size: 8.25-20, 825R25, 9.00-20, 900R20, 10.00-20, 1000R20

Technical parameter :

Size Valve Packing Type
TR13 40pcs/Bag
TR13 40pcs/Bag
TR13,TR75A 30pcs/Bag
7.00-15/7.50-15 TR13,TR75A 25pcs/Bag
6.50-16/7.00-16 TR13,TR75A 25pcs/Bag
7.00-16/7.50-16 TR13,TR75A 25pcs/Bag
8.25-20 TR77A 10pcs/Bag
9.00-20 TR78A 10pcs/Bag
10.00-20 TR78A 10pcs/Bag

Hyosung Butyl Light Trucks & Trucks Inner Tubes

Brand: Hyusong

High quality butyl tubes with Korea technology investment.

Technical parameter :

Size Valve Packing Type
700/750-15 TR75A 16pcs/Box
650/700-16 TR177A 16pcs/Box
700/750-16 TR177A 16pcs/Box
900-16 TR13 12pcs/Box
900-20 TR78A 9pcs/Box
1000-20 TR78A 7pcs/Box

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