16.9-38 (420/85R38) Tires farm tractor tires

 16.9-38 Alliance 8PR R1 347 Tubeless Tractor Tires 23 degree LUGs Thread Compactor Farm Tractor Tire

16.9-38 R1 compactor, farm tractor TL tires

Brand: Alliance

16.9-38   8PR Alliance Tubeless Tires Pattern: 347 (R1)

Alliance 347 is a drive wheel tractor tire with higher number of 23 degree lugs

16.9-38 NDR 12PR LX2 R-1 R1 r1 premium agriculture ag tractor tire made in vietnam

16.9-38 Premium Agricultural Tractor Bias Tires

Brand: NDR (Made in Vietnam)

16.9-38  12PR NDR premium tractor tires. Pattern: LX1 (R1)

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