19.5L-24 (500/70-24) / 19.5L24 tires industrial backhoe tractor tires

19.5L-24 19.5L24 R4 EZ (R4) Galaxy Backhoe Tractor TL Tires

19.5L-24 R4 Galaxy Backhoe Tractor TL Tires

Brand: Galaxy

19.5L-24   12PR Galaxy tubeless tires. Pattern: EZ (R4)

These Galaxy R-4 tires are built with mud breakers to effciently eject mud and debris from the tire in order to maintain its strong pulling power.

19.5L-24 (500/70-24) Maxam 12PR MS904 Industrial Backhoe Tractor Tubeless Tires

19.5L-24 (500/70-24) R4 Backhoe Tractor TL Tires

Brand: Maxam

19.5L-24 (500/70-24)  Maxam 12PR Tubeless Tires. Pattern: MS904

Modifed R4 tread pattern for excellent traction and flotation in soft underfoot conditions

19.5L-24 Lande (Armour) 12PR R4A OTR tubeless TL tires

19.5L-24 R4A OTR Tubeless (TL) tires

Brand: Lande (Armour)

19.5L-24  12PR Lande Tubeless Tires.  Pattern: R4A

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