14.00-24   14.00x24 Tires heavy duty industrial forklift trucks and container handlers tires

 14.00-24 Alliance 28PR IND-4 309 tubeless heavy duty industrial forklift trucks and container handlers tires

14.00-24 IND-4 Alliance 309 28PR TL tires

Brand: Alliance

14.00-24  28PR Alliance Tubeless Tires Pattern: 309 (IND-4)

Alliance Portstar 309 is designed especially for heavy duty forklift trucks and container handlers operating on hard improved surfaces.

 14.00-24 PRIMEX G3000 14PR G-2 tubeless heavy duty tractor TL tires

14.00-24 G-2 PRIMEX 16PR G3000 TL tires


14.00-24  16PR PRIMEX Tubeless Tires Pattern: G3000 (G-2)

PRIMEX G3000 G-2/L-2 is specifcally designed to meet the requirements of compact wheel loaders, and telehandlers. Engineered with a reinforced carcass, the G3000 provides improved stability that they require. The G3000’s aggressive, open shoulder lugs deliver exceptional traction in off-road applications.

14.00-24 Maxam 12PR tire 1400x24 Maxam MS905 (R4) Grader tires, Telehandler Tubeless Tires

14.00-24 R4 Grader / Telehandler TL tires

Brand: Maxam

14.00-24   Maxam 12PR Tubeless Tires. Pattern: MS905 (R4)

Aggressive R4 tread pattern for use on graders and telehandlers where high traction is required.

 14.00-24 Lande (Armour) 12PR L-2 tubeless heavy duty industrial forklift trucks tires

14.00-24 12PR L-2 Heavy Duty Truck TL tires

Brand: Lande (Armour)

14.00-24  12PR Lande Tubeless Tires.   Pattern: L-2

14.00-24 28PR Top Trust E3/L3 R-LUG OTR tractor tire available in malaysia

14.00-24 OTR Tube Type (TT) Tires

Brand: Top Trust

14.00-24  28PR Top Trust OTR pneumatic TT tires. Pattern: E3/L3 (R-LUG)

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