16/70-20 Tires backhoe tractor & loader tires

16/70-20 14PR Alliance 317 R4 backhoe tractor & loader tubeless tires

16/70-20 R4 Backhoe Tractor TL Tires

Brand: Alliance

16/70-20    14PR Alliance Tubeless Tires. Pattern: 317(R4)

Alliance 317 tire is designed for applications that require high traction. It is engineered and certifed with ā€˜Gā€™ rating to provide the best performance for on and off road services in tough weather conditions.

16/70-20 18PR Top Trust E3 R-LUG tractor tire available in malaysia

16/70-20 Agricultural Tractor Pneumatic Tires

Brand: Top Trust

16/70-20  18PR Top Trust AG pneumatic tractor tires. Pattern: E3

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