OTR Radial Tires

Alliance, Maxam, Sailun

ATG - Alliance OTR tires

Brand    :  Alliance

Maxam - OTR Radial tires

Brand    :  MAXAM

Sailun - OTR Radial tires

Brand    :  SAILUN

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Brand: Alliance (Made in India)

Technical parameter :

Tyre Size PR Pattern Type
480/70R30 -- FarmPRO RADIAL 70 TL 30


Brand: MAXAM

MAXAM- “Quality drives productivity”, we believe that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal and drives quality, innovation, productivity and ultimately proftability. MAXAM offer radial off the road (OTR) tires for your earthmover, heavy-duty wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks which are not only manufactured to ISO 9001 but also designed to the same stringent standards.

Technical parameter :

Tyre Size Star Rating Pattern
365/70R18 MS910R 18
405/70R18 MS910R 18
1400R24 (385/95R24) MSV01 SET 24
1400R24 *** MS401 (E4) SET 24
1400R25 (385/95R25) MSV01 TL 25
1400R25 *** MS401 (E4) TL 25
1600R25 (445/95R25) MSV01 TL 25
17.5R25 ** MS301 (E3) TL 25
20.5R25 (525/80R25) ** MSV01 TL 25
20.5R25 ** MS301 (E3) TL 25
23.5R25 ** MS301 (E3) TL 25
23.5R25 ** MS501 (L5) TL 25
26.5R25 ** MS301 (E3) TL 25
26.5R25 ** MS405 (E4) TL 25
26.5R25 ** MS501 SET 25
29.5R25 ** MS301 (E3) SET 25
29.5R25 ** MS302 (E3) TL 25
29.5R25 ** MS405 (E4) TL 25
750/65R25 ** MS302 (E3/L3) TL 25
1800R33 ** MS401 (E4) SET 33



SAILUN - With capacity of 50,000 tonnes per year, Sailun also focus on OTR tire R&D and production which will cover Giant OTR tires, Small and Medium OTR tires,Industrial tires ,Radial Agriculture tire, Solid tire ,Farm wagon , MPT/EM tire, airplane tire and etc. With frst class R&D and production facilities, and best services, Sailun is confdent it will bring the best value to all its customers and end users

Technical parameter :

Tyre Size Star Rating Pattern
1400R24 (385/95R24) SH920 (SET) 24
1300R25 *** S936 (E3) SET 25
1400R25 (385/95R25) *** S941 (E4) SET 25
20.5R25 (525/80R25) ** S931 (E3) TL 25
23.5R25 ** S944 (E4) TL 25
23.5R25 ** S945 (E4) TL 25
23.5R25 ** S951 (l5) TL 25
26.5R25 ** S967 (E3) TL 25

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